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HJW DESIGNS INC is associated with manufacturers and suppliers who have expertise in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our uniforms safeguard the user from any kind of workplace mishap that can cause grave injuries or health hazards. Coming in contact with chemicals and mechanical and radiological equipment may lead to injuries. To prevent such accidents, we provide you with PPE items like safety harnesses, helmets, gloves, footwear, eye protection, respirators, high-visibility full bodysuits, earplugs, etc.

Convenient service

Our company offers convenient services, including large inventory and impeccable customer service. Once you place your order at our site, our merchandise will become available for immediate pickup. To check out our products, visit hjwdesignsuniform.com .

Reliable supplier

With over 30 years of experience and more than 60,000 clients, we take great pride in calling ourselves a reliable supplier. We have a unique quality control system in place that thoroughly reviews all the factors involved in production, thereby ensuring optimum product quality. Quality assurance tops our priority list.


We are a uniform manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of elite and diverse quality uniforms. We offer a full spectrum of high-quality uniforms for professionals, both men and women. Being an expert in the uniform manufacturing industry since 1991, we understand the importance of uniforms in any organization’s branding. It is imperative to take uniforms seriously, as they make a statement and demonstrate the behavior and functioning of an organization as a whole. Uniforms unquestionably raise the bar for any company and help establish a strong brand-name.

Our design specialists help you maintain uniformity by equipping your workforce in identical attire. Depending on your profession, our experts understand your needs and customize the business attire in such a way that it conveys authority. Our experts are very passionate about what they do and offer only the highest quality materials to choose from. We tirelessly strive to produce uniforms of out and out quality through our innovative designs and technology, along with the persistent efforts of our team.

The firm skillfully designs and manufactures uniforms, so your staff can stay in a protected environment while at work. As a leading manufacturing company, we maintain supreme standards aligned with international parameters. We supply clothing that is fit for your sector, and nothing is more important to us than our relationship with you. To meet the apparel and work gear requirements of your employees, contact us on 929-322-8763 today.


  • HJW DESIGNS INC’s mission is to be the world leader in the uniform business. We plan to do that by persistently providing our customers with superior quality, compliance, and value. We are on a quest to prove to our clients that we are their best pick when it comes to uniforms.
  • Our vision is to create a hazard-free environment with the utmost comfort for professionals. As experts in the uniform manufacturing industry, we want to earn recognition at a global level. We want to create an impact on the world by consistently delivering the finest products and services. We want to thrive in the industry and keep expanding to help you meet your demands.



All of our products are thoroughly reviewed and tested for quality in order to meet the global standards.


We design and manufacture branded clothing for your company. Our uniform quality is top-notch.


You will find different, comfortable, highly reliable and made-to-order attire across industries for your workers in our catalog.


Our uniforms are well-equipped to protect your employees from any mishap. We will also strive to prevent your custom design from being copied.


Our Services

Customer centricity

We put customers first and at the center of our business. We understand our clients’ situations and expectations, and therefore, our goal is for them to always be satisfied with our products and services.

Without limitation

HJW DESIGNS INC is capable of accepting an unlimited number of orders at a time. Our workforce createsproducts unceasingly to meet any kind of demand, from a few units to bulk orders.

Quality fabrics

We acquire all the clothing material from world-famous factories. Rest assured that our firm doesn’t compromise on quality.


We are known for creating unique products using hi-tech technologies and materials that are deformation resistant and do not burn out in the sun.


We can use your corporate insignia on our robes, jackets, suits, hats and other attire, in a short period of time, so it shows it belongs to you.

Still thinking?

Are you still wondering if we are the right choice for you? We invite you to take a look at our catalog to make an informed decision before ordering from us.


We take our job seriously

Production of overalls is a lengthy and challenging process. It is absolutely necessary to purchase quality cotton and accessories, create a blended fabric with special properties, process the fabric, design, and sew the overalls. We don’t stop there. After that, we check for quality on many parameters. At HJW DESIGNS INC, we take our job very seriously!

We are elated to share with you that we cater to nearly 65,000 happy clients. Our customers are satisfied with our products with regard to quality, durability, and service.

Over the years we have undertaken more than 850 projects and delivered them with utmost integrity and responsibility. We live up to our clients’ expectations every time they reach out to us.

We have been sewing and selling uniforms for over three decades now. In this journey, we have learned a lot and are confident that we have built something that adds value to our customers.

We have received 400 awards and acknowledgement from our partners and customers


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